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I have been trying to purchase a small wind generator from; either size 500 Watt or size 1000 Watt, grid tie system.

Naturally, I had several questions before I was willing to spend $1000 to $2000.

If you were lucky a person would answer your email. This seemed to be a quite illiterate person with no technical or electrical knowledge.

Answers about cable size requirements, pole sizes of the wind turbine and other technical questions were either not answered at all or the answer seemed to be by a 8 year old child; unqualified and ***.


Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #804900

Order paid for and not fulfilled by former vendor Presto Wind addressed by Hurricane


United States



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Order #72Y60035X57374211

It has been over one year and our Hurricane 5 Wind generator complete unit and a slip ring, paid for through Pay Pal, has still not been delivered. We have spoken on the phone and through e-mail with Tony who has given excuses and promises...

but no Wind Generator. Is this retail theft or ...

or I don't know what. Tony, if you read this, please either deliver the wind unit or refund our $814.98.


As a customer I can vouch for the poor customer service. I am sure Tony will bring my claim of being a customer into question by requesting for proof of purchase and I can be helpful by providing that.

I am part of a Mechanical Engineering Senior Design group at a University. We ordered one of the PMA generators over 4 weeks ago. We were understanding when he proclaimed there would be some delays caused by tornado damage and some personal matters. He told us that the motor would normally ship out after 3 to 5 days, but right now would take a week to ship out. We thought a week would be just fine and would keep us on schedule for prototyping. This began an onslaught of issues:

-When ordering online there is no email confirmation to confirm your purchase.

-His voicemail was full and he ignored emails.

-After 3 weeks we still had received no proof of purchase even though the credit card had already been charged.He finally answered his phone and immediately recognized us by our emails we sent. He told us he was having trouble with his PDF software and that he would work on getting us an invoice. He also promised the motor should be shipped out in a week.

- Almost a week later we received an invoice. I might add there was a mistake on the invoice involving a calculation error. He charged us the correct amount, but added the total incorrectly on the invoice. Not a big deal, but makes for confusion when submitting the invoice to the accounting department.

- We still have not received a motor or any word of its progress 4 days after seeing the invoice. We are trying to contact him with no success.

Overall, we made a mistake ordering this motor. We could have finished our entire prototype this semester if it wasn't for absence of the motor. We were told twice to expect the motor to be shipped in a week over the last 4.5 weeks. We still have not heard any notices about it being shipped.

Tony: I know you are quick about responding to poor reviews, so please respond to this with your usual responses pertaining to my existence as an "opposing wind generator company trying to manufacture false information" and while you are at it, send an email within the next two days to any and all email addresses you have pertaining to my party with an exact date of shipping. If we do not hear from you within that time we will be recalling all funds sent to you.



to Jon Dulles, Virginia, United States #805940

This kid purchased a generator that we advised him was out of stock. Regardless of the backorder the self important engineer to be ordered it anyway and demanded it be sent and called us everyday for 2 voicemail wasn't full his number was blocked

At no time were excuses made as none were needed


You are NOT that person on ebay.

You do NOT 'clearly' answer anything.

I contacted you to BUY your product and you completely ignored my email from your website.

Since you aren't interested in replying to people who want to spend money with you, you're not likely to help after the sale either.

I'll buy elsewhere.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #337907

Look guys, I have been dealing with Tony since Dec. 22, 2010.

I am his customer. He has always answered my questions and he has always been helpful. I tell you this from personal knowledge. If you are going to build your own wind generator you shopuld know at least a little bit about electricity both DC and AC.

You should know a little bit about welding and mechanics in general plus a person should have a lot of common sense. When you go and buy an overhaul kit from a parts store you don't expect the personnel from the store to tell how to rebuild the engine!!!


This guys expects you to stop and write him a manual on how to install a wind generator in an e mail......after 10 questions we reffered his to some reading material since he obviously has no electrical knowledge and none told him to use and "extension cord" :sigh

just to set the record straight......What happened to the days when to lodge a complaint against someone you had to actually be a customer?

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #143059

Buy from someone else then, you dumba$$. Leave this guy alone.


I asked for size and specification for electrical wire.

The answer from Hurricane Wind Power was: "I use an extension cord"

My answer is: "my grandma uses an extension cord for her lamp on the night stand. It would certainly not work for outdoors down a metal pole."


PS we have 100 percent positive feedback therefore those who spend money with us must be happy....see 540tarheel123


Tech support is for consumers...which your are not. you want to ask a dozen questions clearly answered in the listings on e bay and have us send you free educational manuals. We have a library on our site reserved for that

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